10 Best Mobile Proxies of 2023

The 10 Best Mobile Proxies of 2023 updated

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, mobile proxies have become essential tools for various online activities, such as web scraping, social media management, and ad verification. Their ability to emulate real mobile devices and offer enhanced privacy and performance make them a preferred choice for many professionals.

To help you navigate through the multitude of options, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best mobile proxies for 2023, each delivering exceptional features and performance.

1. Brightdata

With its outstanding performance and extensive mobile IP network, Brightdata is the leader in mobile agencies. Brightdata leverages its extensive global mobile IP coverage to provide enterprises with reliable and fast mobile proxy services. Their sophisticated features, such as changing IP addresses and extensive targeting options, provide customers with flexibility and granular control over how mobile agents are used.

For businesses looking for a best-in-class mobile agency, Brightdata is a solid choice because of its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, as well as its robust infrastructure and dedicated support. With industry-leading performance and unwavering reliability in the mobile proxy market, Brightdata sets the standard whether you need a mobile proxy for mobile app testing, social media management, or other mobile operations.

2. Proxy-Cheap

A reputable supplier of mobile proxies, Proxy-Cheap is renowned for its affordable and dependable solutions. they focus on cost and provide a selection of mobile proxy plans to accommodate various user requirements and financial constraints. Their mobile proxies enable users to quickly execute web scraping, and access location-specific content, and other internet activities. To improve browsing, Proxy-Cheap guarantees quick speeds, high uptime, and steady connections.

Users can effectively set up and manage their mobile proxies thanks to their user-friendly dashboard and customer support team.

Whether you run a small business or a huge corporation, Proxy-Cheap has affordable pricing options without sacrificing functionality. Experience how easy and affordable Proxy-Cheap‘s mobile proxies are, and see how they can transform your online business.

3. AirProxy

AirProxy offers cutting-edge solutions with a security and anonymity focus. they offer mobile proxies that put a high emphasis on preserving user privacy and prioritizing secure browsing. Their state-of-the-art anti-detection strategies and premium mobile IPs guarantee that consumers can explore the online environment with assurance and peace of mind. In addition, AirProxy provides a variety of features and alternatives to meet the various requirements of its clients.

AirProxy is a dependable option for people and businesses looking for more privacy and anonymity in their mobile operations because of their dedication to supplying secure and trustworthy mobile proxies. Experience the strength of AirProxy‘s mobile proxies to browse securely without sacrificing performance.

4. Infatica

A famous supplier of mobile proxies known for its dependable and feature-rich services is Infatica. Users of Infatica are given the opportunity to smoothly access mobile-specific material and engage in a variety of online activities thanks to the company’s extensive network of mobile IPs that spans several nations.

Their mobile proxies offer limitless bandwidth and threads, enabling high-performance and nonstop browsing. The seamless integration into current workflows and systems made possible by Infatica’s API integration significantly improves usability. With its large IP pool and solid infrastructure, Infatica provides mobile proxies for site scraping, ad verification, and other mobile-centric apps.

You can depend on Infatica to deliver a mobile proxy that meets your needs in terms of quality, effectiveness, and client happiness.

5. ProxyRack

ProxyRack provides a wide array of options to satisfy various customer needs. they enable users to easily execute a variety of online activities and access location-specific material thanks to their wide network of mobile IPs and global coverage.

Their mobile proxies are a well-liked option for both enterprises and individuals because of their speed, dependability, and flexibility. From installation to continued use, ProxyRack‘s user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support guarantee a flawless experience.

Users also have more control and customization choices thanks to their numerous IP subnets and sophisticated capabilities like session control and custom headers. The dedication of ProxyRack to providing premium mobile proxies and top-notch customer support has cemented its reputation as a reliable supplier in the sector.

6. Microleaves

Microleaves provides a whole range of services designed for improved surfing and online activities. Microleaves give users access to regionally specialized content, allow them to get around limitations, and preserve their anonymity thanks to its extensive network of mobile IPs dispersed across numerous locations.

Their mobile proxies are renowned for their swift connections and dependable performance, guaranteeing frictionless browsing. By integrating strong encryption techniques and stringent data protection procedures, Microleaves places a high priority on user privacy and security. Additionally, a smooth and trouble-free proxy usage experience is guaranteed by their user-friendly interface and committed customer support team.

In order to satisfy your needs, Microleaves offers a dependable and feature-rich solution for mobile proxies, whether you need them for site scraping, ad verification, or other mobile-related operations.

7. HighProxies

HighProxies provides both people and companies with a variety of high-performance options. Users can quickly and reliably access geo-restricted content, test mobile apps, and carry out other online tasks using HighProxies‘ large pool of mobile IPs from multiple regions.

Their mobile proxies are renowned for having quick connections, resulting in lag-free surfing and effective data retrieval. Additionally, they offer users a user-friendly interface and dedicated customer assistance, making it simple to set up and successfully operate mobile proxies.

They provide the performance and flexibility necessary for flawless operations, whether you need mobile proxies for social network management, web scraping, or other mobile-centric tasks.

8. Airsocks

Airsocks offers cutting-edge solutions for improved privacy and anonymity. Airsocks offers consumers dependable and fast mobile proxies, with an emphasis on getting around limitations and keeping a secure online identity.

They offer users secure internet browsing while protecting their private data from snoopers with cutting-edge proxy technology and encryption algorithms. Rotating IPs, real-time device emulation, and unique user agent settings are just a few of the capabilities that Airsocks provides to enable smooth integration into a variety of online activities.

Airsocks offers a dependable and secure solution whether you require mobile proxies for ad verification, social media administration, or other privacy-sensitive operations. Take charge of your online privacy and experience the power of Airsocks‘ mobile proxies.

9. Geosurf

Geosurf specializes in providing all-inclusive solutions for organizations and people with particular regional requirements. Users may easily access location-specific information, execute local SEO monitoring, and carry out market research thanks to their vast network of mobile IPs spanning several nations and cities.

Their mobile proxies are renowned for their dependability, quick loading times, and precise targeting abilities, enabling users to replicate their online presence from various locations across the world.

Additionally, Geosurf offers consumers sophisticated capabilities that improve the flexibility and usefulness of their mobile proxies, like session persistence and API integration.

Users looking to make use of the capabilities of location-based mobile proxies are guaranteed a seamless experience thanks to Geosurf‘s user-friendly UI and committed customer service.

10. Fineproxy

Fineproxy provides both individuals and companies with a variety of dependable and effective solutions. Users of Fineproxy may easily access geo-restricted content, carry out web scraping, and engage in other online activities because of their vast pool of mobile IPs from different regions. Their mobile proxies are renowned for being extremely fast, stable, and compatible with a wide range of platforms and devices.

They also provide customers with a variety of authentication options, enabling secure and simple proxy access. Users can get help from their customer service staff with any questions or problems they might have.

Fineproxy provides a dependable and user-friendly solution to match your demands, whether you need mobile proxies for social media management, ad verification, or other online operations.


Choosing the right mobile proxy provider is crucial for maximizing performance, security, and privacy in your online endeavors. The above list of the 10 best mobile proxies of 2023 encompasses a range of providers, each offering unique features and benefits.

Consider your specific requirements and budget when selecting a mobile proxy provider, and unlock the true potential for your online activities.

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