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GeoSurf Solutions

Use Cases

  • SEO and SERP analysis
  • Ad verification
  • Social media automation
  • Data Scraping
  • Price comparison
  • Retail (Craigslist, sneaker bots, etc.)
  • Affiliate link verification
  • Travel fare…


The number and geographic spread of their IPs is one of GeoSurf‘s main strengths. While their proxies aren’t the biggest in the industry, they have a good amount of proxies in their pool, which is more than enough for whatever purpose you need proxies for.

GeoSurf has over 2 million private IPs at your disposal. Because of this, you can perform web scraping without worrying about blocking because they have a highly rotating gateway that changes IP addresses from time to time to prevent triggering the site’s anti-spam system.

Location of GeoSurf servers

In terms of site coverage, GeoSurf has its place here. Their private IPs are present in more than 150 countries and 1700 cities around the world. Their data center proxies are present in over 120 countries and 30 designated US market areas. This means you don’t have to worry about location when using their services.


GeoSurf has good support for selecting proxies from specific locations. However, there is one small caveat you need to be aware of: city proxies are advanced features in GeoSurf, and their use comes with a different pricing model.

If you don’t mind choosing a specific city, you can use your existing plan to select a specific country. When you choose a country, you get access to 3 sticky IPs that change after 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes.

gateways of GeoSurf Overview

In addition to three sticky IPs, you can also take advantage of high-rotation gateways that change IP addresses after each request or session. This phenomenon of IP address changing after a period of time or after each session is called IP rotation and it is one of the most important features to keep your web scraping and crawling going smoothly without getting blacklisted.


Although Geosurf offers a variety of products, the home IP proxy network is their main product. Three packages are available for standard users: Starter, Plus, and Professional.

Geosurf Review 2023: *Do Their Proxies Work?* - EarthWeb

Depending on the plan, they all offer some bandwidth and some other features.

Users must contact them directly if they require a custom plan. As for the prices of the packages, they are not the cheapest out there. It might be worth it when you’re considering getting a private IP address. As mentioned earlier, Geosurf also offers a few products.

Geosurf Toolbar Pricing Plans Desktop VPN Mobile VPN Direct Connection API
Toolbar and Private IP provide the same thing. The only difference is usage and flexibility. It supports Chrome and Firefox.

Regardless of the type of package, users can choose between Sticky or rotating IP addresses. Sticky IP has a duration of 1, 10, or 30 minutes depending on your needs.

Rotated addresses work differently. The user gets an address and port. Once the connection is established, the server automatically changes the address. This is a great way to get scraped without getting banned.

Speed Testing

Speed ​​and latency are one of the most important considerations when using a proxy. A slow proxy will slow down progress, especially if the user collects a lot of data.

Geosurf claims they are fast, so we’ll put them to the test. To have a base, we tested our connection without a proxy. Then we bought a package from Geosurf and started testing their claims.

Geosurf proxy review 2023 - Speed test on our VPS
Speed test on our VPS

Latency is something people need to take seriously. The time it takes for packets to travel back and forth is also known as ping. The smaller the better.

If latency is high, requests may time out, which is bad. Speed, on the other hand, might just make you wait longer to get your data. When you put the two together, you get a combination that can make a significant difference.

To check ping we used We also ran the same test to check the speed. Before we started using proxies, we ran a proxyless controller test.

Once we had something to compare, we ran 16-speed tests. 10 of these are proxy addresses in the US, while the other 6 are split equally between Canada and the UK.

The ping and speed are good. Also, some results are not available (N/A). This is because they are rotating proxies and the addresses rotated in some of our tests which failed to complete.

Performance on 300 Concurrent connections
Test Success Rate (%) Error (%) TimeOut (%) Block (%)
Amazon 94 0 2 5
Adidas 90 0 2 7
Booking 90 0 1 9 92 0 0 8
Craigslist 77 0 2 19
Instagram 97 0 5 2
Nike 80 0 0 12
Linkedin 90 0 0 8
Google 70 1 3 20
Youtube 80 0 2 15

Keep in mind that results may vary. Several factors come into play when testing speed and latency. The most important thing is the location of the server you are testing.

The farther away the server is the worse the result. Also, since these are private IP addresses, keep in mind that they are also limited by your connection speed.

If you are looking for greater speeds, then you will need to get dedicated proxies.


Geosurf Dashboard - proxy review 2023

Geosurf has an easy-to-manage dashboard that gives you full control over your account. From the dashboard, you can manage everything from whitelisting IPs to monitoring data.

For those unfamiliar with proxies, the interface can be confusing. There may also be terms that are unfamiliar to the average person. In such cases, one can turn to customer support.


Geosurf Payment is a trusted online payment solution known for its security and convenience. It offers various payment options, including cards, online banking, and digital wallets.

With robust encryption and authentication protocols, Geosurf ensures the safety of financial information. It provides a user-friendly interface and responsive customer support for a seamless payment experience. Geosurf Payment is a reliable platform for secure online transactions.


GeoSurf has extensive help geosurf whitepaper documentation explaining how to use its service. This includes an in-depth FAQ with 60+ answers and code samples, a residential proxy integration guide, video tutorials, integration instructions, and several basic white papers. Overall, there is no shortage of information.

On closer inspection, it doesn’t look that pretty. While all of the points above still exist, you’ll find that many of the video guides are outdated and will walk you through a dashboard that has long since changed. Many integration guides refer to tools that are no longer popular or used. And there is very little information on services outside residential buildings.

Customer support

Geosurf Proxy offers customer support via email and Skype. Agents are friendly and usually respond quickly. However, there is no live chat option.

Every proxy provider offers support via live chat, so users don’t have to wait for their questions to be answered. However, this is not the case with Geosurf.

Communicating via email is tedious and time-consuming, which is why most people are not satisfied with Geosurf’s customer support.

We Like

  • Fast and secure.
  • Premium residential IP addresses.
  • Easy and simple to use dashboard.
  • 2 million addresses in over 130 countries.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • On-demand IP refreshing
  • Unlimited bandwidth

We Dislike

  • The dashboard logs you out automatically after a while.
  • Certain locations can become inaccessible from time to time.
  • Location searching for a city is not as detailed as it should be.
  • Not the cheapest provider online.

Our Take

Geosurf has been around for a long time and helps businesses and individuals in many ways. However, it has more disadvantages than the benefits it offers.

While Geosurf may offer more benefits, its expensive plans will continue to put people off. Those considering investing in agency services can choose any of the above options.

They have some really useful features, and they’re also very affordable. If you are a new company and looking to purchase a proxy service subscription, consider your options carefully.

Choosing the right option will give you the services you need without breaking the bank.

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    • June 12, 2023 10:45 am

    In conclusion, Geosurf offers several positive features that make it a reliable choice for users in need of fast and secure residential IP addresses. The easy-to-use dashboard provides a user-friendly experience. With 2 million addresses available in over 130 countries, Geosurf offers a wide range of options for proxy selection. The availability of multiple payment methods adds convenience and flexibility for users. The on-demand IP refreshing feature allows for quick and easy IP changes, while the unlimited bandwidth ensures a seamless browsing experience.

    However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The automatic logout from the dashboard can be inconvenient for users who need to remain logged in for extended periods. Certain locations may become temporarily inaccessible, which can disrupt the desired proxy experience. The location searching for a city may not provide as detailed results as some users may expect. Additionally, Geosurf is not the cheapest provider online, which may impact its affordability for users on a budget.

    Overall, Geosurf offers fast and secure residential IP addresses, an easy-to-use dashboard, and a wide coverage of countries. The availability of multiple payment methods, on-demand IP refreshing, and unlimited bandwidth add value to the service. However, the automatic logout from the dashboard, occasional inaccessibility of certain locations, limited city-level searching, and higher cost compared to some other providers are factors to consider when choosing Geosurf as a proxy provider.


    • Fast and secure
    • Premium residential IP addresses
    • Easy and simple to use dashboard


    • The dashboard logs you out automatically after a while
    • Certain locations can become inaccessible from time to time
    • Location searching for a city is not as detailed as it should be

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