How to Anonymous browser

How to set up a proxy in Adspower

AdsPower is an Antidetect service provider that provides a secure browsing environment with VPN-level encryption. Online and social media accounts can be pre-programmed into the system, allowing users to access any account with just one click. After entering each online or social media account into an anti-detection system, the third party assumes that the accounts come from different devices and IP addresses.

The utility allows users to set up and manage logins for multiple accounts while blocking third-party tracking cookies without leaving a browser fingerprint ID. Users can decide when to switch or change computer and broadband settings from the dashboard.

With different user accounts accessing different sites, marketers can post multiple reviews that appear to originate from different people or accounts, even though all are posted by a single administrator through the central AdsPower Hub.

To set up a proxy in AdsPower

  • Log in to your AdsPower account.
  • Create a “New Profile” and fill in the details.
  • Under Proxy Settings, select Custom and choose HTTP.
  • Copy and paste your proxy host and proxy port from your Provider dashboard. if you don’t have a proxy yet, you can buy one for a low price on Proxy-Cheap.
  • Click the “Check Proxy” button to confirm that your proxy is working properly in your browser.

Once the connection test passes, you can start surfing anonymously!

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