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ProxyEmpire has been online for over 25 years. The company was founded by a group of technology professionals who wanted to make the lives of individuals and businesses easier. Especially those looking for proxy services. In the early days, companies acted as intermediaries, providing people with the services they needed.

However, they quickly discovered that there was too much discrepancy between what the client expected and what the agency delivered. In 2020, ProxyEmpire took a big step forward and created its own proxy network.

Their motivation is to offer the widest possible choice of locations combined with fast proxy speeds and a stable network. They have taken their success and have continued to build on it, creating one of the best proxy services in the industry.

ProxyEmpire Solutions

ProxyEmpire proxies

  • Over 200 000 Datacenter Proxies
  • Unlimited Rollover Bandwidth
  • HTTP and SOCKS5 Support

Use Cases

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Ad Verification
  • SEO Monitoring
  • E-commerce
  • Web Scraping…


One of the things I often praise providers for is their transparency. Many of them can make all kinds of claims, but unless they back them up with concrete information, there’s not much confidence to stand on. I’ve seen this happen a lot with locations, and I’m happy to report that ProxyEmpire doesn’t follow that trend.

The company says it is represented in more than 150 countries and provides a list of countries on its website. Another benefit is geolocation. While some providers use only country targeting, you can also use ProxyEmpire to select specific regions or cities.

Also, if you are looking for a proxy from a specific country, there is an option to buy a plan with enough IP addresses. Currently, ProxyEmpire allows you to buy proxies from a handful of countries. This is a nice touch that saves you from having to sift through agents to find the one you need.


If you’ve ever read a proxy buying guide, you’ll know that pricing is one of the most important factors in deciding which proxies you end up using. In general, high-quality proxies are more expensive, not least because a lot of money is invested in developing and maintaining high performance compared to competitors.

However, some proxies can be expensive and still provide shoddy service. Generally speaking, if the proxy service is expensive, many small users will walk away because they cannot afford it. ProxyEmpire does a great job at this.

ProxyEmpire Pricing

Its pricing can be compared with that of major market players prior to launch. Unlike the others, however, it lowers the barrier to entry. The smallest pack is the starter pack, which includes 3GB and 1GB, and costs $15. In addition to this pack, there are five other packs.

Generally speaking, the more bandwidth you pay, the lower the price per bandwidth. Business users who buy 1TB of bandwidth get a steep discount, raising the price to $4 per gigabyte. The main difference between the plans is the customer service options available to you.


ProxyEmpire accepts debit and credit cards through Stripe, and you can sign up for one of their plans right from your dashboard. Additionally, the company accepts wire transactions in USD and EUR (SEPA and non-SEPA). Contact Sales to make the transfer and provide your company’s billing information.

payment options in ProxyEmpire

Payment methods accepted by ProxyEmpire: PayPal, cards, and cryptocurrencies.


The dashboard of ProxyEmpire has a simple interface that allows you to quickly manage proxies, check usage, and change settings. The simple design allows you to quickly navigate the platform and get the features and information you need.

ProxyEmpire Dashboard

ProxyEmpire is committed to providing a seamless integration experience with various software and tools that require proxy support, although there are no firm details on browser extensions or API integration yet. ProxyEmpire‘s built-in compatibility allows you to effortlessly use proxy services on your favorite platforms and applications. This extraordinary flexibility not only adds to the overall convenience but also the ease of use, making your agency-related tasks a hassle-free process.

Proxy Connection Speed

People who use proxies rely on them and sometimes need reasonable speed. Slower speeds may be acceptable, but they’re not always what you want. To see how each proxy provider performed, we ran 10 IP addresses through standard tests and analyzed the results.


For this test, we used 10 private proxies from different countries and ran speed and latency tests. As a soldier, we weren’t expecting record-breaking speeds, and based on the results we received, things were more or less what we expected.

Speed tests with Proxyempire Details of the speed test
IP of Rotating Proxy Ping Download Upload (VPS) 1 149.18 318.58 570 8.75 27.77 578 5.59 1.31 473 6.44 7.77 902 5.17 12.61 556 13.53 21.79 411 2.57 3.05 742 11.37 2.05 782 1.58 41.8 307 1.38 5.95 538 1.86 52.49

If you look at the table above, you may see a familiar image of some of the other proxy providers we have tested. Inconsistent speeds are due to different internet connections and host network congestion. So don’t assume everyone is the same.

Some of them were surprised by the upload part, so that seems to be a better story than the download speed.

Latency is an issue as we expect better results from ProxyEmpire. Only one IP provided about 300ms of latency, which is acceptable, while the rest were well over 400ms. As you can see, there is even one that hits 900ms. Honestly, the results are not as good as some of its competitors.

Customer Support

You can contact ProxyEmpire’s customer support team via live chat or email at any time.

The team is friendly, professional, and helpful. Excellent customer service is almost guaranteed. Even more impressive is the VIP advice and treatment you get when you first sign up. They make sure you can connect quickly and answer all questions thoroughly.

We Like

  • You can authenticate with an IP whitelist and username and password
  • There are over 3 million proxies in its pool
  • The list of locations includes over 150 countries
  • Geo-location enables you to choose cities and regions as well
  • Rollover bandwidth that transfers unused bandwidth into next month’s billing cycle

We Dislike

  • No Free Trial
  • Latency is higher
  • No Money-back Guarantee
  • IP whitelist is disabled by default

Our Take

ProxyEmpire has been offering its own proxy services for several years. But as our review shows, they’ve become a popular choice around the world in the meantime. And for good reason. Not only are their services competitively priced, but they are also cheaper than most if not all, other providers.

They also focus on providing great service. You will get great customer support and an effective, safe, and reliable agency. Plus, you’ll continue to get the internet speed you’re used to. Signing up is easy and you get full VIP support to make sure everything runs flawlessly.

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