Hide.me Proxy Review 2023

Speaking of usability, Hide.me VPN gets appreciation for its compatibility and ease of use. We discovered some bugs and shortfalls with Hide.me VPN, just as with any other VPN service. But Hide.me VPN is undoubtedly worth a try among the 160+ VPN suppliers who are currently active in the market.

The VPN and proxy service Hide.me VPN is well-known. Along with free proxies, they provide both free and paid VPN services. For this Hide.me review, we primarily consulted the official website and live chat. We also gather technical data on the functioning, speed, and thorough QA (Quality Assurance) of the program.

We undoubtedly examined the Hide.Me and myself service. So let’s get started!

Hide.me Solutions

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • High-Speed Servers
  • Robust Security Features
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • No-Logs Policy
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • P2P Support
  • Dedicated IP Options
  • Global Server Network
  • DNS Leak Protection

Use Cases

  • Anonymous Browsing
  • Geo-Restricted Content Access
  • Torrenting and P2P Sharing
  • Enhanced Online Privacy
  • Streaming Content from Anywhere
  • Secure Public Wi-Fi Usage
  • Evading Online Censorship
  • Protecting Sensitive Data
  • Gaming with Reduced Lag
  • Business Data Protection


It’s reasonable to say that Hide.me network is enormous, with more than 2,100 servers spread over 79 different locations. Of course, there are VPNs that provide three times as many servers, but the server-to-country ratio is more significant than the total. Faster speeds are typically associated with having more servers, however for better connectivity, it’s preferable to have a balanced distribution of servers across nations.

How to change hide.me VPN server location? | hide.me

Fortunately, Hide.me has you covered because it provides decent global server coverage. There are servers spread throughout 20 locations in Asia Pacific and neighboring areas, 10 of which are in North and South America, and 30 locations in Europe. Hide.me is unique in that customers can request extra new servers, a sign of the company’s dedication to developing its services constantly. Our Hide.me tests can attest that there is no downtime when the VPN connects to neighboring servers and does so almost instantaneously.


Hide.me monthly package, which costs $9.95, is really reasonable. The majority of suppliers charge between $10 and $13, while some are considerably less expensive.

The monthly cost of the annual plan is a comparatively high $6.66. A useful 2TB of extra Internxt cloud storage will be yours for a full year, valued at $8.99 per month if purchased directly from Internxt. However, there are greater bargains available elsewhere if you don’t require storage space. Other services normally have annual subscription costs of $4 to $5, and some are even more affordable (private internet access costs $3.33 per month, and Atlas VPN is $3.29).

The greatest deal is $3.45 for a two-year subscription ($3.75 for renewals), but there are still plenty of other places to find significant discounts. For instance, the three-year plan for Atlas VPN costs $1.99 each month. To put things in perspective, three years of security with Atlas VPN cost $71.49, while two years of protection with Hide.me are available for just $99.95.

Credit cards, PayPal, or even cryptocurrencies can be used to pay for your plan.

Whatever your desire, there are numerous payment alternatives available, including cards, Bitcoin, and a number of other suppliers.

Hide.me VPN Review (Updated 2023)

Don’t worry if you decide to part with your money and subsequently change your mind; you are covered by a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. (You are only eligible for one refund from Hide.me if you have never received one.)

Do you like to not pay anything? Unexpectedly, Hide.me might be able to assist. The 10GB of data offered by the free tier is reasonable, but you can only access five locations—two each in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, and Singapore. Additionally, you can only connect one device at a time there is no support for streaming or WireGuard. Despite data limits, it surprisingly supports P2P, which is good news.


The dashboard for Hide.me is a user-friendly control panel that puts power in your hands. It delivers a smooth management experience for your proxy services with an easy and aesthetically pleasing interface. The dashboard gives you a thorough overview of your account, including the status of the servers in real-time, usage data, and account settings. You may easily switch between servers, set up your proxy settings, and access additional capabilities by navigating through the various options.

Howtouseproxy Hide.me

It is not only practical but also attractive, which makes the entire proxy management process enjoyable. Hide.me dashboard makes it easy to use proxies, whether you’re a tech aficionado or a casual user. As a result, you can easily and precisely customize your online experience.

Proxy Connection Speed

We test VPN speeds using a variety of automated tools (SpeedTest website and command line app, nPerf.com, SpeedOf.me, etc.) from a UK data center, a UK residence with three 5G broadband routers capable of 250–300 Mbps, and US residences connected via 1 Gbps cables.

Unexpected results came from the Hide.me data center. With Bolt enabled and OpenVPN switched on, WireGuard’s mid-range, respectable rates of 570–610 Mbps were increased to an astounding 880 Mbps. Normally, OpenVPN is less than half as fast as WireGuard. So what took place?

After further analysis, we discovered that even though OpenVPN was selected, the system process was not active. Perhaps the app isn’t even utilizing OpenVPN. Choose a specific protocol if you want your application to operate on it. This confusion could be an issue in and of itself, but in this case, the excellent top speed is what matters most.

We have tested Hide.me using a Tri-UK 5G internet modem since the majority of individuals don’t have the necessary connectivity to a data center at home. The VPN was off, and our connection speed increased to 265 Mbps. Even after turning on Hide.me, we still reached 210 Mbps. Although the difference is negligible (the majority of VPNs offer speeds in the 150–200 Mbps range), this is the best outcome we have seen in the last ten tests.

Customer Support

In the realm of proxy services, Hide.me customer assistance is among the best. They are the epitome of commitment and reactivity, constantly prepared to help consumers on their path to anonymous browsing. If you experience technical difficulties, require setup assistance, or have questions regarding Hide.me offerings, their support staff will respond quickly with solutions and advice. The experience is seamless and user-focused thanks to their round-the-clock live chat service, which guarantees that consumers may ask for help whenever they need it.


The documentation for Hide.me is a helpful tool for users of all skill levels learning about proxy services. Their thorough and well-organized documentation library provides detailed tutorials, FAQs, and step-by-step guides that address a variety of issues, from configuring various platforms and devices to optimizing proxy configurations for particular requirements. The documentation is easy to use and well organized, making it simple to locate solutions to frequent problems or do independent troubleshooting. The documentation from Hide.me gives users the ability to get the most out of their services, regardless of whether they are tech-savvy or are just getting started with proxies.

We Like

  • High-speed WireGuard and OpenVPN connections
  • 10GB/month limited free plan
  • Unblocked Amazon Prime, US Netflix, Disney Plus, iPlayer and more
  • Hugely configurable

We Dislike

  • Some small kill switch issues
  • No security audit
  • Complex desktop apps might intimidate newbies
  • Above-average prices on monthly and annual plans

Our Take

In the end, only you can choose if Hide.me is the best VPN for you. The main features of this VPN include its quick speeds, sophisticated security mechanisms, and streaming capabilities. If you choose the 24-month plan, this reasonably priced VPN is simple to pick up on the spur of the moment. Before making a long-term commitment, if you still want something a bit simpler, you can always choose the free version, which comes with useful features for a long-lasting, private, and efficient VPN experience.

Hide.me isn’t flawless, though, and it would be excellent to include some features, like a conventional kill switch, to make it more appealing. Also great are the updated test reports. Overall though, Hide.me is the right choice if you’re seeking a strong and secure VPN.

  • 4 / 5
  • 5 / 5
  • 5 / 5
  • 4 / 5
  • 4 / 5

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