Rayobyte Proxy Review 2023

The company is well-known for supplying data center proxies for SEO marketing firms and search engine proxies. The business uses a distinctive marketing approach, which may have influenced its success since its start.

To communicate with clients and respond to their inquiries, for instance, the company CEO directly enters into the online forum. Furthermore, the quality of the service delivery at the time was excellent. The delivery of services is relatively quick and traffic is carried over 1 Gbit/s lines.

The fact that Rayobyte has something to offer everyone is one of its greatest features. Although a wholesaler or corporation provides various services, most suppliers opt to use their services.

Rayobyte Solutions

  • A Large Pool
  • Unlimited Threads
  • Avoid CAPTCHAs
  • Country Targeting
  • Ethically Sourced
  • 24/7 live support
  • Dedicated account manager

Use Cases

  • Social Media
  • eCommerce
  • Seo Monitoring
  • Price Aggregation
  • Ad Tech
  • Travel Aggregation
  • Market Research
  • Brand Protection


You can get a dedicated IP in 27 countries. Although many representatives are headquartered in the US, you can also pick from various Western European, South American, and Southeast Asian nations. Rotating proxies only support the US, Germany, and Brazil; semi-dedicated proxies support nine sites (US, Brazil, and Western Europe). You can also select a city in several nations, most notably the United States.

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To accommodate a variety of consumers, Rayobyte offers a significant selection of pricing models. Each sort of agent has a separate cost structure. After making a purchase, some consumers have claimed that they weren’t satisfied, and the business has acknowledged that the plans can be challenging to understand.


In order to accommodate a variety of consumers, Rayobyte offers a significant selection of pricing models. Each sort of agent has a separate cost structure. After making a purchase, some consumers have claimed that they weren’t satisfied, and the business has acknowledged that the plans can be challenging to understand.

Surprisingly, the company has taken no steps to rectify the situation and the pricing plans remain unchanged. With Residential Proxy, you get four different plans, starting with the “Starter” plan, which costs $60 per month and has a bandwidth cap of 15GB.

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The Enterprise plan, which has a 999GB bandwidth cap and costs $2,000 a month, is the most expensive one.

Pricing for ISP Proxy is based on an IP model and ranges from $5.00 for the “Starter” plan to $4.60 for the “Enterprise” plan per IP. The cost of data center proxies varies, and each package includes options ranging from dedicated proxies to ISP proxies. Here, the IP model is also computed for every agent.

Finally, three separate packages are created for mobile agents. The monthly charges for the “Starter” plan are $50, the “Business” plan is $300, and the final “Enterprise” plan is $600 per month.


When using numerous proxy types simultaneously, Rayobyte determined that it would be impractical to design a separate dashboard just for residential proxies. It necessitates adopting a new design language and creating a new account.

Given how firmly rooted the data center agent is in another panel and how difficult it would be to just deal with the new product, I can see the justification. Although oddly it appears to be created for them in their current implementation, this dashboard also seems to service Rayobyte beta-level mobile and rotational ISP solutions.

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In any case, the Residential Dashboard accomplishes its goals: you may approve access, configure a proxy server, monitor and replenish credits, and access pertinent help materials.

Proxy Connection Speed

Although Rayobyte data center proxies often function flawlessly, you might occasionally need to switch IP addresses if they don’t operate on some targets. They were successful 78.97% of the time and took 1.76 seconds to react on average.

Although these proxies have a high success rate, it’s advisable to look for alternatives here as they might not function for big websites like Google and Amazon. Their overall success percentage was 85.8% on average.

With an average success rate of 95.75% and an average response time of 1.78 seconds, the majority of the company’s residential static agents are Verizon-registered.

The static residential proxies are significantly slower than their data center counterparts, it should be noted. This does not imply that they cannot function at their best at an average speed of 22.4 Mbps, though.

Customer Support

There are various ways to get in touch with Rayobyte customer service department. Using the live chat feature on the dashboard, you can speak with the agents right away, or you can choose to open a ticket instead. To contact the customer support representatives, the business also provides an email address.

The customer service response time is not at all great, it is important to note. When compared to Rayobyte rivals, the agents’ average response time to consumer questions is two hours.

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Rayobyte features a library of written and video guides to keep you informed about its services. They are strategically placed across the dashboard, but you can also access all of them at once by going to Rayobyte knowledge base. The informational material does a fantastic job of responding to frequent queries you could have.

The paperwork strongly favors the services offered by data centers and ISPs. It gives the relevant details regarding Rayobyte residential proxies and completely omits the beta-level products.

We Like

  • Relatively fast proxies
  • geographical variety
  • Proxy tools
  • Flexible price options
  • Ethically sourced proxies

We Dislike

  • Too many pricing plans
  • Poor customer support

Our Take

Rayobyte has advanced significantly since its launch in 2015. Although they are a bit pricey for the average consumer, their data center proxies are fantastic and strong. Rayobyte is a premier premium proxy provider with 20,000 subnets.

Users should like using the proxies since control is given to the user if the company’s claims are to be believed. The detailed documentation should make everything go without a hitch. However, considering that the employees take too long to answer, the customer service response time should be improved.

However, if user feedback is any indication, Rayobyte hasn’t yet met expectations. Therefore, before utilizing the company’s solutions, we advise becoming familiar with it and understanding its general pricing structure.

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